How to choose the Best Mattress for your Aging Body

As we get older, we tend to ignore most of our aches and pains. Even if you have managed to have avoided major injuries, you will always feel a little stiff from time to time. And we always think to ourselves “It’s Ok….That’s just a part of aging”.


Now there is a problem with this mindset as  it often prevents us from taking the necessary steps that can help us improve our well-being after 10. This is very true when it comes to our sleep.


Many of us believe that disturbed sleep is normal with the aging process as it is portrayed that way on television and movies. The truth is that poor sleep is not due to the fact of getting older.


A Good Mattress should not be a Luxury, it is a Necessity


It can be difficult managing your budget after 60, especially for those who are living on pensions or are working part-time. Now, how can you know if you need a new mattress? You just have to listen to your body, does your lower back feel worse in the morning? Is your mattress over 10 years old? If so you may want to consider getting a new mattress.


Mattress Types to Consider


Memory foam mattresses are quite popular. They tend to do a good job in distributing your weight evenly. This can help to reduce your pressure points and it may prevent you from disturbing your partner as they sleep and vice versa. Although a memory foam mattress can be quite warm, so like many women, if you still suffer from the night sweats, it may not be the best choice.


Innerspring mattresses have been around for a while, and there are many options to choose from. Getting an extremely high-quality innerspring mattress, with an abundance of springs, does not guarantee you a better night’s sleep than a mid-range mattress-inquirer. Although sleeping on an old innerspring mattress may not give you the support you need.


A latex mattress is good for those who may suffer from back problems but find it too warm sleeping on a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are quite like the memory foam mattresses, although they are firmer.


This may sound funny but if you and your partner have different mattress needs you may want to consider an air mattress. These mattresses use air chambers which can provide very different conditions for both partners.


Finally Adjustable beds are a good option if you cannot get comfortable when you are lying flat. These beds can also help you with getting up in the morning as you age and can also help if you have sleep apnea or acid reflux.

What is the standard for a good mattress?

The state of the spine is important when sleeping on a mattress. Ideally, the spine when you sleep is the same as the spine when you are standing, showing a natural S shape. A well-supported mattress can generate different support strength according to the physiological curve of the person, reduce the pressure of the shoulder and hip, which is a large pressure-bearing part, and at the same time, the place where the human body is recessed, such as the waist, can also obtain suitable support strength.

Therefore, a bed that is too soft or too hard is not good for the body. Too soft means insufficient support, the whole body is sunken, and the spine is in a deformed state. The tissues on the shoulders and buttocks of the hard bed are squeezed and are prone to soreness. A well-fitted mattress brings a sense of wrap and a more comfortable body. Such details can be found in this link

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses are the most popular mattresses on the market today. The product spans a large range, from hundreds of thousands of high-end products to hundreds of cheap products. Springs for spring mattresses are generally divided into two types. One is the most traditional connecting spring, which has poor anti-interference. When the bed is lying down, the whole bed is moving. But the price is cheap.

Latex mattress

Today’s latex mattresses are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. In fact, there is no pure natural latex. The latex content in natural latex mattresses is about 85%. Because latex is easy to age, the mattress made of 100% latex is very low in durability. Synthetic latex is made from PU and PE components in petroleum. It is a chemical product with similar properties to natural latex, but its environmental protection is poor and its quality is uneven.

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses are chemical products, also known as polyurethane foams. The price is the cheapest among all materials, but the price is one point, the support and fit are relatively general, the environmental protection is poor, and the inferior foam will have a big smell. However, due to the characteristics of sponge foam, the anti-interference is still relatively strong. Memory foam is a high-end product in foam mattresses, and the price is much higher, but it is also polyurethane foam in nature. The additive in the memory foam changes its physical properties, giving it a slow rebounding property.

What Is Your Knowledge in mattresses?

With the emergence of new mattress brands and tempurpedic mattress reviews, buying your mattress online has become child’s play for consumers and it’s rather good news because the bedding industry was quite rigid in terms of e-commerce (not really of formulas to try the mattress at home, most brands did not deliver rolled mattresses etc.). No longer having to choose from dozens of different mattress ranges is also a big advantage for customers.

Sleeping on the side is the preferred position

The spine is kept straight, provided you have a good pillow.  Sleeping on your back is also a good position. To avoid possible clots in the legs, you should lift slightly the legs with a small cushion placed under the thighs. The points of support on the mattress do not respect the natural curves of the body. Over time, you may wake up with neck pain or stiff neck.

Things must not try on tempurpedic

If you are a new owner of a TempurPedic mattress, you know how it changes a life. You sleep better, you feel better mentally and you probably have not felt so relaxed in years. In fact, the TempurPedic mattress is very different from the mattresses on which you have slept all your life and you will understand that it requires a different maintenance.

Do not turn it

You have to turn over and rotate most mattresses a few times a year so that they do not soften in places. TempurPedic mattress is firm and designed to retain its original shape. No need to rotate the mattress. TempurPedic does not change shape easily and can withstand years of use.

Do not drink in bed

We will not tell you what to do, but we can warn you. You can still bring fluid to your bed, but it should not be spilled on your TempurPedic or any other TempurPedic mattress for fear of damaging the foam.

Do not buy any mattress covers

You need a mattress pad for your TempurPedic mattress. Obviously, this one will be a precious ally if you had to spill something on the bed. Before purchasing, talk to your local BrandSource store with the TempurPedic range of mattresses to find the one that best suits your TempurPedic mattress.

Personal Comfort at the Touch of Button

Buying a new mattress is a very much a personal endeavor, reliant on your bed frame size, needed mattress height and preferred firmness. Whether purchasing for a twin or king-sized bed, or if you are searching something very soft or firm, one type of mattress you could need to consider is the high quality adjustable bed mattress. These are specifically designed for adjustable beds, organized to give you with a personal comfort level that you can change as frequently as you like!

These adjustable beds are an incredible product for those people that often want that they could move their bed — even just somewhat — periodically, possibly to sit up comfortably in bed or to counter back pain. Seniors generally find these beds very much beneficial, and for one that is less movable or bedridden, a good quality adjustable bed offers choices to sit up along with back support in its place of being continually confined to lying down. To get this, these beds work by use of a minor control unit that you can utilize on your own, even as in your bed, to regulate the incline or height of your sleeping situation.

Surely, to have full utilization of an adjustable bed, you have to complement the bed frame along with The-best mattress! Likewise a usual bed mattress, you have to understandyour bed frame size earlier than buying an adjustable bed mattress. These bed mattresses are now available in all normal sizes: twin, single, full, king and queen. Even, if talking about adjustable bed mattresses then they can be bought in different styles, like coil-spring, foam, waterbed, or even inflatable air.

When buying a quality adjustable bed mattress, if at all feasible, check the mattress on a bed frame same to your own. The level of comfort completely depends on your frame quality, as the two would be working mutually to give you with restful, comfortable sleep. Even recognized as the “semi-fowler mattress of bed,” an adaptable bed mattress will fall and rise as the bed itself is attuned, doing work in unison to alleviate the problem of back pain, mobility concerns and assist you to get comfortable sleep.

Tips to Buy Mattress for Shoulder Pain

It seems more and more complicated to be able to sleep well. A flood of distractions prevent peaceful sleeps. Science tells us that we should sleep between seven and nine hours a night, but many people do not reach the goal. Too bad, because sleep offers incredible health benefits: it can help you lose weight, improve memory and make us happier. But sometimes we find ourselves in bed with some pain that prevents us from getting to sleep.

If you suffer from shoulder painit is good not to sleep on your side. If the lateral position is your favorite and the pain only manifests itself to a shoulder, it is better to rest on the other side, the one that does not hurt. To limit the damage it is useful to choose best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain before you go to sleep.A good mattress and the correct posture in bed can improve the quality of sleep. You need to know what features to look for when buying home furnishings.

Lot of mattresses available to choose from

Once you have an idea of ​​what mattress you are interested in, compare online prices and discounts because sellers are notoriously intrusive. Then you go to a showroom to do some tests so you know what you are going to buy.Ideally, a mattress that reduces pressure on some parts of the body should allow better sleep at night.

Mattress for side sleepers in shoulder pain

A mattress that is too soft will sink into the lower part. But one too hard causes too much pressure on the sacrum, on the shoulders and on the back of the head. A medium-hard mattress with a softer padding on top gives the right balance between support and comfort.  If you need to sleep with your head up, an adjustable bed can be a good purchase.

Memory foam mattress

The most appreciated mattress in general is that memory foam because it adapts to the shape of the body and avoids supporting the weight especially in certain areas.They are mattresses created with special slow-return foam that optimizes the distribution of body weight and pressure in the areas of contact between our bodies. Thanks to them the weight of the body is distributed uniformly on the whole mattress. It follows every movement of our body and its ideal configuration is combined with a good network of wooden slats.

Designing of the mattresses

The design and pattern of mattress vary from one mattress to another depending upon the type of mattress it is. Nowadays, a wide range of mattresses is made in a standard size that fits every bed easily. This standard size is given much preference in manufacturing as this may rectify the dimensional variations betwixt companies manufacturing beds and companies making mattresses. In order to avoid such a state of loss, both the companies initiated the making the standard size for bed as well as mattresses. The list of standard size comprises of twin bed which has the dimensions of 39 inches wide and 74 inches tall; double bed which has the dimensions of 54 inches wide and 74 inches tall; king bed with the dimensions of 78 inches wide and 80 inches tall; and queen bed with the dimensions of 60 inches wide and 80 inches tall.

Earlier in the ancient times, humans used piles of leaves to sleep on it. This gave them a sound sleep along with a great level of comfort. Things started taking the place of advancement with the passage of time. These days, mattresses have become a great thing of importance. In fact, when purchasing a mattress there is a number of things to be looked upon for ensuring investment in the best.

Typically, inside a mattress is the presence of the innerspring unit which is formed with the wire coils which are generally fixed to one another with the help of one wire. These springs are necessary to give a smooth surface to the mattress and make it bouncing for providing comfort while sleeping. A sound sleep is the necessity of life. Then why to take a choice which makes you feel disturbed all the night. The first layer known as the insulator is fixed sprightly onto the innerspring and averts cushioning from forming to the coils. The next component comes up the flanges which are a connector for the panels linked to the quilted cover of the mattress.

The designing of a mattress is built up with different layers of wire coils. These layers make the mattress bouncing and supportive to protect the health of a person sleeping on it. For people wishing to enjoy a great comfort while sleeping must select the mattress which is softer as this will be the best mattress for them.